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6 days late or 1 day early? I say one day early!!! It's me: I'm back. Back at 140 lbs and until Friday almost total slughood. That is, being a slug. Friday I took gentle yoga and said hmmmm this is something I think I can do, better than nothin'!!! While I have been a slug, Mike has been doing fabulous work on that barn. Hi Mike. Hi Mern. Hi Mary. Hi Cassie. Hi Almathea. Hi Tori. HI Ron (you don't know me but that's OK.) Sorry for not mentioning everyone, didn't get a chance to read the posts. Helloooooooo everyone!!!

1) plan meals
2) 1600 cals max
3) stretch
4) yoga, walk, something, 2 x this week (starting slow)
5) write (I am now on a deadline)
6) drink more water
7) send out positive vibrations yeah
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