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Default Breakfast is No Longer Boring

Low Fat Banana Raita

1 Banana
1/4 tofu pattie
4 ounces soy milk
1/2 a jalapeno pepper

1. Slice the banana up.
2. Put 2/3 of it in the blender.
3. Slice the tofu up, put it in a blender.
4. slice the jalapeno pepper up, put it in the blender.
5. Mix it up.
6. Pour and refrigerate overnight.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies
One serving uncooked oatmeal
One banana
One packet powdered soy milk
Raisins optional
Chop the bananas up and place them in the blender. Add the oatmeal to the bananas. Por in the powder to the banana oatmeal mix. Add just enough water to make a paste. Mix.

Pour on to a flat sheet and refrigerate overnight.
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