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If you keep in mind that a fat gram has 9 calories and a protein OR a carb gram (both!) has 4 calories, you'll see that you can eat a lot more food that will make you feel full and less hungry when that food doesn't have much fat in it. One good simple way to 'eyeball' this advantage on a nutrition label on a food is the 'percentage calories as fat' or just look at the total calories and then the fat calories. I'm looking now at a can of wild alaskan salmon (bought on amazon, cheaper) that has 60 calories in a serving and 10 calories are from fat. Very tasty with just a smidgen of canola mayonnaise (Hellman's Canola mayo).

What would, say, fish sticks come in as? Mrs. Paul's crunchy fish sticks come in 3.35 oz servings. I love those things - crunchy, salty, hot, yummy! But 230 calories for that serving and 90 calories come from fat (total fat is 10 grams so multiply 9 x 10). That's a little more than a third of the calories coming from fat. I would never eat just one serving, too!

It is true that the calories in the canola mayo are nearly ALL fat. But, then, when I say a 'smidgen,' I mean just enough mayo to barely moisten the already-moist-enough salmon. I just like the taste. It's zero saturated fat and a lot of monounsaturated fat, adding up to a healthier fish filling for a sandwich (pita).

Think about what you could be eating instead of what you do eat now - and what tastes good, what might taste good enough or better AND be lower in calories and better for your health. Do that for a couple of weeks, draw up a game plan of stuff you do like and fits well in your diet. Then stick to it and tweak it as you go along.

Will you binge? Maybe. But you'll do that, recognizing exactly what your choices are, what's wrong or missing in the binge-fest. Protein (lean) and fiber will make you feel fuller quickly. If you eat out of boredom or to 'tickle your palate,' the effort is going to be much greater to stay on track, so deal with those issues, too.
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