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Hi, I just signed up on this site. My immediate motivation is that one of my friends, with whom I roomed while at a recent conference, told me about she and her bf lost 15 lbs since August on weight watchers, which she said is all about watching your portions. At a couple of restaurants I was surprised how small the portions seemed, and then really discouraged when she said that they were what normal portions should be...whereas I felt like I was eating a trial-size tuna steak in one case. I am usually pretty good about exercising, but for about the past 3 weeks I have had no energy. I even left halfway thru the last fitness class I went to, even tho it is my favorite. I have made an appt with behavioral health on my campus (grad student, share campus with a hospital) to get my meds for depression checked out, so that gives me something to look forward too, but basically I feel pretty discouraged. I would like a buddy.
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