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I came here a few months ago and lost a few lbs before having a few parties, not logging anything, then ending up worse than how I started! Started using the site again after that and have now decided to jump into the forums again. It's great seeing everyone else achieving their goals and should keep me motivated.

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
  • Do at least 10 consecutive 'touch nose' push-ups (on toes).
    • On knees. no problem, off knees, problem [1-2 inch(s) off floor]
    • Push-Up REVELATION!
      • If I "Push-Up" from floor and return to floor I can do 21 push-ups on toes.
      • If I plank, lower to touch my nose to the floor, and return to plank, I can do, um, approximately 0.5.
      Does the first version above count?
I'm still building up to full pushups, it's elevated ones for me now...on three dusty Stack'n'Store boxes! They do the job though, so not complaining. Hopefully we'll both get there soon!
Start: 137.0 (14/09/2012)
Current: 131.6 (19/10/2012)
Goal: 120...ish
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