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Question Goals:

  • Eat my vegetables! Aim for better carbs.
    • Broccoli raw & cooked, spiced carrot soup, zucchini w/tomato
    • Spinach ravioli (does that count?), black olives (is that a fruit?)
    • Lots (more) fresh fruit
  • Work out at least 5 times for at least 40 minutes.
    • Mon & Tues: TRX, Pilates,
    • Wed: Burbees, jump rope (20, not 40 mins)
    • Thurs: 60 mins Misc. Calisthenics & reformer
  • Do at least 10 consecutive 'touch nose' push-ups (on toes).
    • On knees. no problem, off knees, problem [1-2 inch(s) off floor]
    • Push-Up REVELATION!
      • If I "Push-Up" from floor and return to floor I can do 21 push-ups on toes.
      • If I plank, lower to touch my nose to the floor, and return to plank, I can do, um, approximately 0.5.
      Does the first version above count?
  • Knock at least two items off my To-Do list.
    • List is growing longer, not shorter...
  • Hold at my current weight.
    • Averaging 1550 cals.
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