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Jaime, I'm with you Just not feeling it this morning.

I'm up and could get to the gym, but I think I'll just putter around the house this morning. Maybe it's the flu shot yesterday, maybe it's the hard workouts the last couple of days, but I think I need the morning off. I'll try to catch at least 30 minutes of something later today.

I've been really good following the Whole Life Challenge. The diet component of the challenge is basically paleo, so no grains or sugars at all. I am past the cravings for breads, but some days it is tough to maintain the energy level... and today is one of them.

Ron, hope you get to the gym soon, and Abby we miss you!

nadinchen I belong to a Crossfit gym and am a runner. I also practice yoga regularly. CrossFit (or CultFit as some refer to it ) is organized by classes. Each day is a different, intense, workout with a trainer. The workouts are a combo of calistenics (push ups, pull ups etc) and weights. There is usually a strength component and then a 10 to 20 minute high intensity curcuit component. The workouts are killer, but they really produce results. I generally run alone, but I have a couple of running buddies that I run with from time to time. Yoga is both class and a home practice. I know I wouldn't do the weights w/o the structure of a class, but running has always been a solitary pursuit. Yoga is half way inbetween. I love the social aspect of a yoga class, but also enjoy the time for personal reflection during home practice.

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