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Hey hey!

Thanks muchly to all responders!

Kathy - Heh, yeah, I was going to look into yoga or pilates (which spell check is telling me isn't a word - kind of ironic on this sort of site) or some such.

Rpm - Ah, cool, shall check those threads out. At the moment I'm varying between walking and swimming. I actually smashed my spine up when I was younger, so I can't do anything 'too strenuous' or I can't move for days after. Low-impact is the key.

Run - *scoff* Our world is fine. Tis those pesky Northerners what need to get themselves sorted. And yah, I'm completely fine with reading about health... it's the implementing the physical side I get sick of. :P

Jaime - Why thank you. If it's going to garner further compliments, I'll keep up with the writing.
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