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sw07- good luck on your next 13.1! have you done a 26.2?

I've been strict in my eating since Sunday... I ran 4 this morning and bonked. I need to figure the minimum carb needed to fuel my typical 7miler.
I have a 26.2 on 12/2 and a 20 miler on 11/11.
I was also having some trouble with my carb intake. For the longest time I trained myself to eat low carb and high protien, but now I have to switch gears and carb up. I had a couple of plates of whole wheat pasta earlier in the week and have been trying to incorporate more whole grains (Wheat bread sandwhiches for lunch) and oatmeal for breakfast or a veggie omelette stuffed into whole wheat pita bread. I'll also snack on Cliff bar between meals.

This diet change seems to help and I've also noticed a decrease in ammonia smelling sweat after my long runs- ya, I know, gross, but it's an indicator of not enough carbs and protein is being used for fuel.
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