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Becca, good luck on your upcoming surgery... I am sure you will be feeling so much better once the plumbing is all gone, here is a party activity for you... throw out the Midol pills and sanitary products into the fireplace, it will make a nice big bonfire and here in New England, this time of year a bonfire is a perfect way to spend the evening with friends.... whoo hoo! LOL

I have swung back down -.5 again to 143.5 You guys are so right, keeping the course is the right thing to do, and eventually these last few pounds will go away. My calorie deficits right now have only been -300 or -400 calories per day on weekdays, so this will be a slow process. I am very OK with that, as the last week I have had NO sugar lows. (probably because I did not weight train this week, but hey, I feel GREAT) Honestly I dont log my meals on the weekends, so I am sure I am hitting max maintenance numbers (1950 cals) at least one of the two weekend nights.

Pam, let us know how your evaluation at the gym went, that sounds really cool. Once I hit my goal, my reward to myself is going to be a one on one with trainer/nutritionist at my gym. hoping this will occur BEFORE santa comes to town!

So where the heck is everybody? I wonder if the fact that Ive plateaued for so long, and have talked about it week after week, have I just scared everyone away from this topic. People like to hear all the successes, maybe they are closing their eyes to the times that our journeys arent as fast as we would like? But hey, I've learned over time, that its your resolve during the flat times that pull you through! keep on swimming, right?

Have a great rest of the week, ladies. Keep the heads up, will be checking in again soon....
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