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Default New and all that.


Er. Me. Well then.

First up - I'm Australian, so when I start talking about Summer approaching, and kilograms, and kilometres, and etc ... blame the hemisphere.

Anywho. It's Spring, and I have a yearly ritual of vaguely trying to lose weight and get fit and so on for Summer (and life in general, of course - warm weather is just a lot more motivating than howling winds and pouring rains, y'know?). Every year I last about 5 weeks, get insanely bored, and wander off to read a few dozen books instead.

But this year, I say nay! I've actually been doing the whole 'exercise / eat healthy' thing for about 2 months now, and am determined to stick with it, and Any Deity willing, incorporate the changes into the ongoing future.

So, since I plan on making this work this time... I figured I'd stop boring my friends with updates, and start boring people online instead.

Heh. Well. Not really. Am just at the point of being ridiculously bored with the whole process, and thought it might be cool to get some external motivation happening, talk with others who are experiencing similar situations, see what works for other people, all the usual reasons for coming somewhere like this really.

So! If you have any miraculous ways to make exercise enjoyable (endorphins seem to be permanently AWOL), please let me know. :P

Either way, I shall start wandering the forums and hopefully pick up some good ideas!

Over 'n out.
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