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Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
Raising my hand! - I don't know what brown chicken brown cow is...
same here. I checked the urban dictionary for it

I really need to cut back on the bread though... too many sandwiches lately and they each take 2 slices. Sucks to look back and see 4 slices of bread in my log each day...
uh, I have the same problem, so I try not to buy bread (and we have such great kinds of bread, here!). But when I am traveling one of the few things you get everywhere is sandwiches and baguettes etc. with all kinds of spreads. and I really love them. I'll indulge in them tomorrow


Welcome! and good luck finding a job soon! Job hunting sucks. As much as I hate my job now and then (ok, quite often) I am glad that I currently don't have to look for another one. I feel with you.

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