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I wish they would be as quick to get an Android app out as they are to edit out other site references.

Seriously, I like FitDay and have had it for years but there is no benefit to using this program if the developers aren't willing to produce an Android app. Android is the most used mobile OS in the world right now by a large margin, and more Android devices are activated each day than any other platform. Why there is no support for it here is beyond me. I've included the latest data below to illustrate this fact. I doubt any developers for FitDay ever look at this, but I hope someone takes notice because the lack of support for Android has become a full fledged problem with this program now.

2012 Q2 Smartphone Sales Worldwide
Other: 863
Windows Phone: 4,087
Bada: 4,209
RIM: 7,991
Symbian: 9,072
iOS: 28,935
Android: 98,529

Total Smartphones: 153,686
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