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Raising my hand! - I don't know what brown chicken brown cow is... and since I am at work I refuse to click the link to tell me all about it . I'll try to get enlightened at home tonight. But I'll ask DH first though since he is one of ya'll southern folk (is it a southern thing?)!

Food is not too bad so far this week. The landscapers love the cheesecake, so I gave away 4 more slices this morning (left in a cooler on the porch that is). Only 5 slices left to distribute! And I will not eat any of them (solemn vow to myself).

I really need to cut back on the bread though... too many sandwiches lately and they each take 2 slices. Sucks to look back and see 4 slices of bread in my log each day...

Tonight flu shots for me and DS. Tomorrow work my butt off another day. Thursday pumpkin patch trip with the preschool. Friday off. I am looking forward to the end of this week!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ama
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