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Default % Fat Breakdown

So my average diet consists of about 20-25% fat, of which more than 50% is Mono Fats, is this good or should I try reduce it and get more Poly Fats?

I'm 5'11, 180lbs, I know a lot of you think that is not overweight, but I used to play provincial (state) waterpolo and also acquired national colors. I'm not used to having much fat on my body, thus the reason for tracking it.

So back to the main question, I read that 20-30% of your diet should consist of fats, I'm just wondering about the different kind of fats. It's currently, 35/52/12 (Sat, Mono, Poly), is this an acceptable amount or should I change my diet to favor less saturated fats?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone will share
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