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Wishful thinking goals
  • Lots of H2O:
  • Avoid the left-over cheesecake as much as humanly possible:
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible:
  • Don’t freak out at/about work (insanely busy)…:
  • Try to get to the gym (lots of roadblocks this week during normal gym time):
  • Lose the 1 lb I gained last week:

Ok – I said I would try to have a vegetarian weekend, but then my dear Korean friend show up for a get-together Saturday night toting 40lbs of Galbi (marinated beef short-ribs), all ready to BBQ! So I blew it in high fashion! Three glasses of wine and as much BBQ and rice as I could fit in. Also, I managed to give away all the cheesecake from DH B-Day party from last week… then a guest shows up Saturday with an entire new cheesecake, the exact one I had just cleared out (variety pack of like 16 pieces, 2 of each flavor). Didn’t see it until the next morning - It was like total weird de-ja-vu. So I set cheesecake on the front porch for the landscapers this morning, plan to take some to work to give away. My folks could use a few pieces (but Mom just started WW so maybe I shouldn’t). I could toss some off the back porch… Or I could just throw it away – why is it so hard to throw food away?

So this week I need to lose at least 1 lb! Ama

Best feature... hmmm... too many to count! LOL!
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