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good evening! (yes, it's past 10pm here )

So, I kind of officially gave up about last week and did nothing exercise-wise. I needed the weekend to recover from my workweek and was sooo tired and felt weak most of the time. But now I am better.

my goals:

keep carbs and protein at least even Mon
drink 1.5 to 2l every day Mon
go to zumba course on Monday Mon
(will have to miss Drums Alive again this week because I have an appointment and won't make it in time )
do the 30 DS on 4 days a week

buy clothes so I can run when the weather is as it is now.
keep kitchen tidy not too bad
not to work until 1 at night again because it obviously really messes up my mood and my biorhythm (I have to be careful with that).

That challenge is a terrific idea! I certainly need it My best feature is my hair (and my eyes).

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