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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
Nice!!! I'm about due for another one soon.
I've hit the gym hard the past 3 days and this morning I went for a 12 mile run.
Tomorrow is definitively a rest day- I plan some Salmon fishing in the morning and then watch football.
Yeah, I'd say you've earned a rest day. But you will still get your exercise fishing . Enjoy the foodball game, just don't hit the chips too hard.

Originally Posted by Keily664 View Post
Wow I think I have used that title too many times. For some reason I can't stay motivated to stay on track more than a week. Any tips?? I have a performance coming up, Chronicles of Narnia I'm playing Susan , and I would like to lose a few pounds before that.

Hey Kaitlyn,
Welcome back. Congrats on getting Susan. I'm not sure what would keep you motivated, but one of tricks for me is logging in first thing in the morning. I am not that much of a surfer, but I check news, and a couple of membership sites, including this one, as I am having my morning coffee.

Often reading what's going on with everyone keeps me inspired and on track. If I wait until later in the day I may or may not check in.

Checking in or not, you what you need to do... we're here to cheer you on!
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