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I am still unemployed. For the first 3 months I have been a depression hole. It has taken a lot of hard work but I fell like I am coming aout of it. I don't dreink as much soda as I use to. I have a well so not on city water and don't need a filter. I am drinking much more water then pop these days. I spent about 2 weeks getting the yard ready for winter. I pulled thistel and sweeped the walk ways and cleaned out the garage. We can now find stuff and can park our cars in it. I hate scraping windows. I have been surrounded by firies here in eastern idaho. For most of the month of august it was iffy if you could breath outside. There alters out abut staying inside if can. I leave next to a very tall hill and some days it looked like there was fog around the top, but it was smoke. So I am happy to let you all know I have finally lost another pound. I am going to try to writ more often. Have a great week.
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