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Originally Posted by primalchick View Post
I'm trying to get back into the Primal diet. I love reading all the success stories on Mark's Daily Apple, etc. I'm just finding it really hard to stay on track while in college... But I love the idea behind this and it makes a TON of sense. I was 135 lbs last summer, came back after spring semester and weighed in at 163...but I followed the Primal diet for the most part over this past summer and got down to 150. This is my last year here and I would love to get back to my pre-college weight by the time I graduate in May. I'd love to hear any helpful tips or suggestions about how to stay on track!
Hi Primal,
Do you cook for yourself? And do you share living quarters? That can make a big difference.

I've found the first thing is to clear out all on the non-primal foods (or at least most of it). The next thing is to sit down and plan out your meals. The worst thing for me is trying to eat on plan when I am starving - I never make good choices. I also give myself some slack on the dairy prohibition. I try not to over do it, but cheese and yogurt are important protein and fat sources for me.

Good luck, although I can't say that I am a strict adherent, I do like the results.
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