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Although there is some good advice in this post, such as change in diet and including exercise, I am concerned when people are told they can "reverse" type 2 diabetes. I am also a nurse, for over 22 years. Diabetes type 2 is in fact a disease and to suggest it is only a symptom is not true. There are many people who are obese with sedentary lifestyles who will never develop type 2 diabetes, as well as those who are thin and active that will. Now, you may in fact lower your glucoses with a change in diet and exercise, but that will simply control the disease, not reverse it. For those with insulin resistance brought about by obesity, as long as they maintain their change in diet and lose a significant amount of weight , usually 20%, they can reverse those symptoms because they are not genetically predisposed. But, for those with genetic predisposition, their diabetes is caused by the inability of the islets of langerhorns within the pancreas to either produce enough insulin, or to utilize that insulin effectively. That cannot be reversed, only controlled.
Here is a quote from Dr. Mercola. If the link doesnt come through copy and paste it, he has some good information that has changed the way I think about medicine.


You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Please don't let anyone tell you that type 2 diabetes has no cure, as this is not true. Type 2 diabetes is not terminal; you don't have to live with it forever! Nearly 100 percent of type 2diabetics can be successfully treated -- eliminating the symptoms of diabetes, or the high risk of developing health complications -- if you are willing to implement the lifestyle changes discussed below. These same changes will also drastically reduce your risk of the disease, so you can avoid developing it in the first place.

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