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Originally Posted by FDJames View Post

I suggest giving some clear confirmation that it was taken care of privately, in every case. Because right now what people see when they come here is no option to leave the site, a bunch of people asking and getting no clear answer, and some clown ranting on about how they don't have a legal case, and wondering why so many people post once and never come back.

I have wished to close my account on many sites, and in every case I have been able to do so. Either through an automated process, or a clearly stated cancellations email address.

Not having your process down is one thing. Not even comprehending why people would even care is pretty much an instant do not use this site warning in my eyes.
FDJames, my response about not everything being posted publicly and is sometimes being PMed was in reference to premium charges and premium accounts. To my knowledge all have been corrected and Admin contacted the members directly. There is no reason for us to always post that an issue was fixed, as long as the member that is concerns knows, that's all that counts. I have yet to see of a member come back after I was told it was fixed and say anything other.

As far as other sites, this is a recent thread another site that I belong to (**be warned before reading** that the members there are not friendly and the moderators and admin allow it)Please delete this account : Suzuki GSX-R Motorcycle Forums: deleting accounts isn't as common as people think. BTW, I'm not a moderator on that site and the way that the mods and admin handles issues is ridiculous.

Here's other sites that I belong to, I use to be a moderator on this one but I stepped down b/c I wasn't active enough and we were never able to delete any members account, only ban >>

... and another (they claim at one point they can but I've never known them to delete an account)

I've asked to be removed from a couple old sites that I no longer visit and it's yet to happen, so this isn't just a FitDay thing.

I hope this gives some clarity.

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