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Not dead but I think I poisoned myself yesterday... started about 1pm when I was at work and did not have time to run out for lunch. I found left-over cheesy pasta had been put out in the conference room - YAY! Then about 2pm I was starting to pass out, so I got a Pepsi (first one in a long time, are they really that sweet?!). Then there was a fundraiser with a big plate of cupcakes set out, I dropped a dollar in the cup and grabbed a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting. Then DS and I have to go get the car at the shop, so we decide to eat out... barbecue! I had a cajun chicken sandwich (with onion straws on it), and coleslaw... AND a beer. At least when I got home I avoided the left-over cheesecake from DH birthday a few days ago. I am still alive today! Kind a feel like crap but so far I am keeping my cals are pretty low, and plan to have a vegetarian dinner.

I'm in for the weekend - my free day has definitely been spent! Ama
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