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Originally Posted by jemma4444 View Post
Hi everyone - I'm back to Atkins after a few years. I lost 25 pounds on it a few years ago and have found that of all the diets, my body seems to like it the best. I always feel much more clear headed and sharper when I eat fewer carbs.

I agree with those who suggest sticking to clean foods when doing Atkins - forget the bars and other processed foods and stick to real foods - vegetables, meat and dairy and it will work! The original plan from 1972 is the way to go.

The only thing I really miss is a glass of wine for the first few weeks while on Induction!

Is there a good site to get the original plan for Atkins and to know the full parameters for the INDUCTION? I too love the Less Carbs thing and would love to do this INDUCTION period instead of just the diabetic diet (I am not diabetic, just love the diet). Very Interested... Thanks. LJPINEAU1
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