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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Hi ladies and Ron and Mike.

Had emotional day yesterday--argument with Mom. Anytime I'm stressed I want to eat. Trying to change my mindset and go for a walk or exercise. The other day I was so p-o'ed at her I did the boxing on Wii Sports Active and it helped a lot. Didn't help this morning that I was stressed and at the grocery store--chocolate bars.

Thanks for the support

Jenn, it happens to the best of us. What's your chocolate bar(s) of choice? I have many favorites.
Originally Posted by nadinchen View Post
uh, seems like I am not the only one having a tough week. stay strong, you fellow fighters!

I didn't go to my Drums Alive course yesterday because I spent 10.5h in the office and then went on to prepare today's workshop at home up until 1:15 am. and then got up at 6am today and managed to host the workshop quite well, I think. And now all I can think of is lie on the sofa for a movie, have a nice hot shower and fall asleep in my bed. And it is only past 6 pm here.
So, no sports today again.
And my food was all bread and bread rolls and pastry. and the kitchen is a bit of a mess anyway
Sounds like a rough day, try to squeeze in the sports tomorrow.

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Hey, folks. So, my eating hasn't been great yesterday or today. Got on the scale this morning - wasn't a number I wanted to see, but I'm blaming it on TOTM and mini-surgery. Certainly not all the food I've been eating!

Blargh, not having an awesome week in general...but I didn't want to disappear all together.
We all need to rally together! You can blame it on TOTM but just know when Aunt Flo packs her backs and leave, so does the blaming.
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