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Glad you're back in town, sounds like you did pretty good considering you were out of town with all the temptations of seminar lunches & dinners!!! So you are at the same weight you were at before leaving town? Wow that impressive, I would have totally gone "off" my plan!
I just found out we are going to Cabo Nov. 9, 2012. I hope I will be able to stay the same weight before and after our trip, and don't blow it!!!
I only lost 1 pound last week and I have to admit I have been weighing myself alot this week and it looks like I have stayed the same. I hope I have not hit a "plateau". I'm am trying to get into the 180's but not have much luck the past two weeks. I go tomorrow to weigh-in.
It's so hard when my husband comes home on Thursday night, he always wants to go out and eat or go to his mom's and eat and she is a great cook. I know, I know, excuses!!!
Talk to you soon...Kelly
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