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The allergies are many and varied. nuts, tomatoes, rice and bananas have all sent me to ER. Others that cause a reaction but never critical include, beans, peas, most spices, whole grains, corn, coconut, to name some. I exist on meat, potatoes and some vegetables. I can eat white bread but not whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel. Vegetables are tricky, I can eat many in moderation but a plate of broccoli would cause me to break out. It's weird and stress increases my reaction. I take medicine everyday and carry an Eppi pen and have learned to live with it. Recipes are difficult since the spices are so uncertain for me. I eat no Mexican, Asian or tomato based items. Processed foods are hit and miss. I can usually tell with in a couple bites of something in it might cause a reaction. Most reactions are the form of a rash on my face but several times I have had life threatening reactions. I will always error on the side of safety.
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