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1: don't go stupid with food--M: failed on an epic level Tu: better, but not great W: eeehhh, not too bad
2: walk 5 miles before Friday--M: 0 Tu: 0 W: 0
3: drink more water--M: not so much Tu: much much better today W: eehhh

DONE!4: clean out car--M: no Tu: yes
DONE!5: do all laundry--M: no Tu: yes
DONE!6: test out German Choc cake on Daddy before making it for WHN's welcome home--M: no Tu: yes
7: take one day at a time, tears to a minimum--M: no tears Tu: ooohhh, it was BAD today W: did good today

Mini Goal Weight-??
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-??
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