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Default HCG recipe books

I have done the Hcg diet a few times. It works if you stay on it like you should. It is hard, but I bought some recipe books that make it so much better and easier. Last night I had steamed spinach and ground up some hamburger meat in it. It was really good. I then had an orange for desert later. I do tweak the diet some, but have lost doing it before. I mix veggies. I have as much veggies as I want. I add a few things like jalapeno peppers, pickles, and diet pop. Also, I can not stand salad dressing with no fat in it, so I crumble the meat over the salad and then use Walden Farms salad dressing, which is legal. The Walden Farms dressing is good, but too sweet for my taste, so I salt and pepper it. Also, in the recipe books, it adds broth for soup, and that's good too. I just started back on this, so I'll try to keep you posted.
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