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Good morning!

I am late, I'm sorry. :/

So, my goals for this hellish week:

Zumba course on Monday no worked 12h and didn't make it
Drums Alive course on Wednesday
Running at least once
30 Day Shred on at least 4 days this week Mo, Tue

eating more protein than carbs on most days Mon Tue had an important event with catering (snacks) which means carbs
eating at least 22gr of fiber Mo, Tue I didn't log because I don't know weights and values of the catering stuff (baguettes...) but I don't think so
drink at least 1.5l every day, 2l if vigorous exercise Mo ?, Tue

anything else
keep kitchen tidy: moderately, so far
no work on the weekend
leaving work really early on Friday to compensate for all these overhours this week

I really hope I can make it to my course tonight. But tomorrow there is a workshop and I am not nearly as prepared as I should be

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