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All I hear when I check the thread lately

1: don't go stupid with food--M: failed on an epic level Tu: better, but not great
2: walk 5 miles before Friday--M: 0 Tu: 0
3: drink more water--M: not so much Tu: much much better today

DONE!4: clean out car--M: no Tu: yes
DONE!5: do all laundry--M: no Tu: yes
DONE!6: test out German Choc cake on Daddy before making it for WHN's welcome home--M: no Tu: yes
7: take one day at a time, tears to a minimum--M: no tears Tu: ooohhh, it was BAD today

Work went about as well as most Hell Tuesdays go. It was so bad that one of my vendors came over and gave me a hug, because I "looked so pitiful". She understands though, her BF is also Army. When I got home a fire got lit in me and I accomplished most of my "Other" goals for the week. At least they're done! I was getting all my laundry together and realized I had a few (like 10) pairs of socks in the car that needed to be washed, so I took that time to clean out the car and gather the socks. And before y'all go askin', I don't like to drive in shoes, so I have a pair of flip flops in my car. When I get off of work, I change shoes before driving home....THAT'S why I have so many worn pairs of socks in my car. I'm waiting on the last load of laundry to come out of the dryer, then I can fold/put them away and then go to bed.

Most importantly of all....I made the trial run cake tonight. A little more labor intensive than opening a box and "hooking it up", but SOOOOOO worth it!! I'm not sure I'll ever make a box cake again! WHN is gonna love me even more than ever after tasting this cake

I have to work tomorrow, my normal day off, to help our pricing lady because she can't finish her job on her own. SuperTori to the rescue!! At least I'll get Saturday off without having to waste vacation hours on it. I had planned on taking it off anyway, now I just get to save those hours for another day. Tomorrow will probably be as busy as today has been. After work I'm suppose to meet Daddy to get my bed frame and box springs out of storage. I've been bunking on their spare bed, and it's reeking havoc on my back! I also really want to go get my hair done tomorrow, but will probably have to wait until Saturday to get that done.

Anyway, it's been a long day, so I'm gonna get these clothes folded and then hit the sheets. Dammit....I need to wash the sheets. I'll do them tomorrow.

Good to see the few that are here....missing some of our other regulars.

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