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Carb counting is important (at least it is to me) -- BUT the quality of the carbs counts. 30g of carbs from white bread is not the same as 30g of carbs from high quality vegetables.

You have to find the plan that works for you Low Carb Mediterranean (sorry about the previous link) or Primal are both low-carb. Both contain a lot of fat -- that's been working for me [working as in, losing about 1/2 lb per week, but never going hungry]. I eat all I want -- if I'm hungry, I eat a teaspoon of coconut oil. If I'm still hungry 20 mins later, I eat whatever meat I have and as many vegetables as I want. That works for me. I hate counting calores ;-) I think the good quality fat is the key - over half my calories are fat calories, yet my abdomen is shrinking (albeit, slowly).

For most of us, the weight didn't go ON overnight; we shouldn't expect it to come OFF overnight, either.

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