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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
I also just found out that the lead race guide had taken a wrong turn in yesterday's race which added a little over a 1/2 mile to the race

I'm looking at running another half at the end of the month and then a 20 mile race mid Nov.
I'm gearing up for the full 26 mile race on Dec. 2nd
Thats good stuff mate! Nice to have things to work towards. I've got training tomorrow morning and friday morning. Slight twang in my knee this morning so will see how thats feeling later on.

Need to start some speed work next week, so think tomorrow I'll have a nice steady hour run to protect the knee, then Friday will be hill sprints or interval training depening on the weather. Just need to buy some lights for my bike now as these dark evenings mean no more biking at night
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