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WTF?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! Where is everyone?????

I guess everyone needs a


Lil Sis--Monday thru Thursday night/Friday afternoon

1: don't go stupid with food
2: walk 5 miles before Friday
3: drink more water

4: clean out car
5: do all laundry
6: test out German Choc cake on Daddy before making it for WHN's welcome home
7: take one day at a time, tears to a minimum

Bubba--Wednesday thru Sunday

1: gallon water daily
2: gym 2 times
3: walk 5 miles
4: don't go stupid with food

5: floss nightly
6: take all vitamins & supplements
7: take the girls out for one good walk (both of them, pink harness and leash be damned!)

Gonna be a busy week. I have a LOT to do before WHN gets home NEXT MONDAY AFTERNOON!!! AAAAHHHHHH, ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT! Not only do I need to clean out the car....I need to A) get my hair did, B) get my nails and toes did, C) find a new outfit (cause, I didn't do enough shopping last week ) . I also need to test out the cake. WHN's fave cake is German Chocolate, so I want to surprise him with a scratch made one. We'll see if it turns out well, if's a "hooked up" box. We'll just have to wait and see. I need to figure out what all I need to pack, hence doing all laundry. Just gonna be hectic, but need to make sure everything is in order when he gets here.

Let's ALL have a wonderful week! No matter how long we're on the wagon.

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