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Originally Posted by davidhdunn View Post
People often ask me "How did you do it?" I think they are looking for me to say "Oh, it was MagicWeightLossPill" or "I did the LowCarbWatermelonColonFlush diet" or something else. They seem disappointed that I achieved my weight loss "the old-fashioned way."

Yes! I am nowhere near as far along as you on my weight loss journey; I've only lost five pounds so far, but even so I've had a couple people ask me what I'm doing and they seem really disappointed and then completely disinterested when I say, "I'm eating healthy, counting calories and kicking my butt at the gym at least three days a week." Their faces just glaze over and you can tell that inwardly they're saying, "Oh, work. No thanks."

I mean, yeah. I would much rather eat a cheesecake for dinner and lay on the couch all day not moving and still lose weight too, but it's not going to happen.
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