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Exclamation Update - Oct

Hey there -- been a while, so I thought i'd post an update. I've now done about 20 sessions with a personal trainer, and have noticed my endurance, balance, and strength has increased by a fair bit. I'm no longer dying after 10 minutes of solid workout.

I've also been losing weight -- though not as fast as I'd like -- and am sitting around 305lbs (down from 333 in January, but up a few pounds from the last couple of months). I'm happy with that, but have not seen much weight loss in the past couple of months. And to be honest, it's mostly been me -- I've been less focused on what I'm eating. I'm re-focusing for the home stretch of the year. But with that said, clothing is fitting better so I think I'm gaining muscle in the mean time.

I looked at my goals I set in January, and I am going to be off by a fair bit -- but I figure its better to aim high and miss, then never to take the chance.

With 2.5 months left of the year, I'm going to try to get to around 280lbs (25 more pounds to lose). In total this would be more than 50 pounds in one year, which I would chalk up to be a win.

I'm going to keep up with the personal trainer, and refocus getting active outside of that (2-3 solid workouts/week) and then refocus how I eat during the day. I want to (once again) get to 300lbs, and stay under it -- only a few pounds to go!
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