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Question Couch to 5k Weight Gain, help?

So I lost ~19lbs, down to 359 from 350 through diet and walking alone, then I plateaued out for about two months. Not going anywhere is better than up right?

I Just started couch to 5k (9/26), about to go for week 2, day 2 when I finish the post.
But I weighed myself today and I was up to 354.4! I diligently track calories every day, and the math I have adds up to a net calorie defecate (although that's what happened when I plateaued). For example, through September 22 I have a net defecate of 6683 calories should be 1.9lbs lost.

Am I over thinking this? I feel better for the exercise and I have more energy.
Is gaining some weight when you start serious exercise a thing? Anyway, off to my jog!

(TLR weight gain starting exercise with a calorie deficit)
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