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Well, here I am.
On Friday I was spontaneously invited to dinner by a collegue. It was a very nice evening and I met some new people. oh, and she is Italian and I love Italian cuisine! too bad (for my diet) that pasta is so carb-laden and we had pasta that evening.

do the 30-day shred at least 4 days this week Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun + bonus: did 35min Boot Camp Cardio Workout before doing the 30 DS. yeah!
Zumba course on Mon yes
go swimming once this week -> no swimming anytime soon
start running: run at least on one day this week Wed

make a meal plan for every weekday and log it (and stick to it) Mon: yes, Tue yes, Wed: holiday, Thur yes Fri yes, Sat yes I did not plan yesterday but I logged everything and everything was fine
more protein than carbs on at least 5 days (wednesday is a holiday so that's definitely excluded) Mon: yes, Tue yes, Thur yes, Fri probably not, Sat yes, by far
eat at least 22gr of fiber Mon: yes Tue: yes, Wed no, Thur yes, Fri probably yes Sat no, only 16gr
drink at least 1l every day, 1.5l if vigorous exercise done (would that be enough?) Mon: at least 2l, Tue & Wed: probably not, Thur yes, Fri yes Sat no

anything else:
keep kitchen tidy. Mon: yes, Tue yes, Wed no, Thur yes, Fri yes, Sat still quite tidy I will do the dishes after preparing tomorrow's lunch.

On Friday, after I had done the 30 DS, it rang on my door and I thought it was my neighbour from below who wanted to complain because I felt free to move for a short amount of time at a normal hour in the bedroom where hardly any adult spends time at 5pm anyway. but I didn't feel like argueing, so I didn't open. And then it rang a second time when I was in the bathroom and I couldn't open and thought they were really annoying even ringing at my door one hour later.
But then it rang again on Saturday morning and I thought to myself, I shouldn't delay this any longer. So I opened. And it was my nice next door neighbour who took my study material that came with the post when I wasn't home and wanted to hand it to me.
I really shouldn't be so negative when it comes to people at my door. (but the neighbours below are annoying and I am as careful as possible when it comes to reducing the impact of any jumping etc. exercise)

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