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Default Wow, just WOW!

Busy day today! I was at the beach just after 6am and I was able to catch the sunrise. Got back to my bros, got my daughter and the 3 of us grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the aquarium.

After that we went to race go carts. And here is the WOW part. My daughter is so much like me, it's scary! It's just the two of us on the track because its off season. The guy starts up her cart and let's her go first. By the time he got me going, she probably had a 10 second head start. These carts aren't that fast but the track is big so I know with my mad drivin' skillz I can catch her. I'm slowly gaining on her. I'm closing in on her and I start to follow her line. I'm coming up quickly and all I can think is that it's Shake N' Bake Time!. I make a clean pass because the carts have a big sticker that says "NO BUMPING". I pass her and I start to slowly pull away. Competition is in my blood and I'm not gonna lose! Well after I have a nice size lead I decided to slow down and let her catch up. I do and she does... but then she hits me and made me spin out!!!! the carts don't have reverse so as the guy was backing me up, I can see her coming around the next turn LAUGHING AT ME! Here I was, against my better judgement, going to be nice and she had to punk me.

After my miserable loss, by the wreckless driving cheater, we headed out to Busch Gardens. After two rides I ended up getting motion sick and I was about to hurl my lunch. We ate supper at the park, she rode another ride, then we hit a couple haunted houses, a musical and a 3D movie. We got some pictures from one of the haunted houses so everything I wanted to cram into today got done!

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