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Hi, I had a similar post when I was pregnant and got blasted for counting calories. Pregnancy is not the time to diet but it's also not the time to eat everthing in site. Neither of the two is healthy for the baby. So be mindful of what you eat and that will make it easier to take the weight off once your little one arrives. It's hard to say if I had success or not because I did not lose weight during pregnancy but what more would I have gained if I wasn't keeping an eye on things?!?! The scale shot up on me towards the end as I was retaining a lot of water too. The frustrating part was that I didn't realize it was water at time and wondered why I was gaining so quickly. My Daughter was only 6 pounds so my thought was "Ah crap! That means the rest is ice cream!" Lol!! I wasn't good all the time.

That being said I lost a bunch of weight right after the baby with ZERO effort. I then plateaued for probably a month. It was again frustrating since I was doing what I should but my body had to adjust to such a big loss all at once.

I am also a mom of "advanced maternal age" so I think we have to work a little harder and be a little more careful not to get too crazy during pregnancy.

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