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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
I agree about the running. Unfortunately most of my running is during the hottest part of the day! I ran for an hour today and the humidity in Va Beach is still pretty bad this time of the year. I was spoiled in Vegas! It may have been hot but it was dry and so much easier to handle!

I also swam/played for an hour tonight at the beach. Water is great this time of year! Big fish and ghost crabs not so much.
I agree. I would much rather run in 85* with 20% RH than 75* with 80%RH. I wish I had an ocean closer than 60 miles. And maybe I should add and ocean warmer than 60* The Pacific is pretty darn chilly - even in summer.

We did 100, 200 & 400M (3 reps) sprint intervals today. I do love speed work (although I really wasn't feeling it this morning) but I am looking forward to a nice 6 miler this weekend.

Have an active weekend everyone. Just get out and play!
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