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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Cassie, I'm glad you is still here. How's your week going?
So-so. See?

1. Eat "cleaner." - step it up a notch. Yes, About the same as I usually do, Same, Yes
2. 1200 calories max. 1182, 1192, 1197, 1247 - I forgot to log the cough drops I've eaten all day
3. Exercise 6 hours total for the week. 30 min., 30 min.
4. Sleep 7 hours per night. Yes, No-6, No-6.5, No-5.5
5. Log it all, and don't disappear no matter how busy! Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. Focus on the positive. One of the cats threw up twice, but it was the same color as my new carpet...that's positive, right? Pretty good today, Same-pretty good, Doing good

Tori, you're almost into single digits! You're almost there

nadinchen, I admire you for putting on the brakes and eating at maintenance. With all those evil foods, I am not sure I would have had that self-control.

rp, looks like you and I will be hitting the workouts this weekend. I'll check 'em in if you will!

Jenn, what a chore bending over and picking walnuts must have been! With as weird as some of these activities here are, I wouldn't be surprised to find "picking black walnuts from yard" in the exercise list!

Ok, Mike, Tori, I have been patiently waiting all week for hell to break loose. Why has there not been hell breaking loose?

Mike, I hope your trip and the time with your daughter is everything you hoped it would be.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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