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Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
So here I am, and I keep on swimming. Good news... i dropped 1/2 pound this week and now at 144. So psyched. once I hit 141.1 my BMI will be normal, for the first time in like 20 years. Feels good.
Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Looks like it's you and me Chris. I spent the week working hard at not making exceptions, being careful, and the scale rewarded me with a 152.2 (down 1.3 pounds) some of that is fluctuations, but I'll take it.

You got this Chris... 3 miserable little pounds and GOAL. I know you have other struggles that need to be balanced, but I have faith in you. You have done such a wonderful job managing your "personal experiment" so far.

Hey Abby if my memory serves me, that's the biggest drop in a while! Keep it up. Yeah, I know it is hard, but another week or 2 like that and you will prove to your stubborn body that the 150's are not necessarily where it needs to be.

The paleo-like food challenge has been exactly that - a challenge. So far I am doing well avoid the obvious carbs, breads, potatoes, pasta etc, but the no dairy rule is killing me. Mostly at breakfast. Fruit and yoghurt or cottage cheese have been my go-to quicky breakfast for so long. Although I enjoy eggs, I just don't have the gumption to fix them every morning and fruit alone doesn't last until lunch. Lunch is easy with salads piled with tuna or chicken or a baked chicken breast with a veggie. Dinners have been mixed. Not being able to use cheese has knocked out many of my quick and easy recipes. Since beans and lentil are permitted, I have been getting pretty creative with 1 pot meals, but DH has a limited tolerance for them.

The other thing that is slightly discouraging is that I haven't dropped much weight. I suspect that is largely because I haven't been getting much extended cardio. Lots of Xfit and yoga, but not much running or biking, so I made a deal with myself to add at least 1 longer run a week. I am hoping that will get the metabolism headed in the right direction.
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