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Originally Posted by bettmrr View Post
Hey there,

While browsing the threads today I spotted this one from aug 2010 thought it may be good to get it up and RUNNING again.

I try to workout most days and I'm very proud of myself when I do! I feel our efforts deserve to be recognised.
Alas this is not the most interesting topic for social interactions and I fear i'd have no friends left if I was to go on about it with them.

So we can use this spot to;
-give urself a well deserved pat on the back (or not as the case may be);
-get motivated when ur feeling less energetic;
-Own up when you've phoned it in or been lazy
-share tips and rate workouts.

I am a home exerciser for the most part. So far today I've done a 3.5mile walk but I plan to do more when I get home from work.

Anyone else care to share?

Just motivating myself to go out for a run now. It is tough because it keeps raining, but I am going to tough it out and go for a run anyway.

I agree we should all celebrate when we go because we all have 2 choices and is easy to make the choice of just sitting in front of the TV all night or actually getting off our butt and do something. lol

One thing I find helps me is making sure I drink plenty of water all day which gives mew the energy I need.

Its amazing how much we forget to drink water and the benefits of actually drinking it.

It can be used to suppress our appetite and so control our weight. And also to increase energy and wash out all the toxins.

Amazing how simple but effective this is.

Do you think tap water is healthy for us???? I am interested to know people's thoughts on this. I heard many conspiracies online. lol
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