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Hi DeAnna!

I too have struggled with an eating disorder for... a long time. I'm 23, and just started to try and get some help and overcome it, but It's been really hard. I still struggle with my relationship with food and relapse and stop eating. I've found (through a lot of therapy) that it's almost been like a coping method for me or a way to punish myself. As we both know, an eating disorder is not just about the food and being thin, but also has a lot to do with feeling, emotions, etc that we can't control.
I think you're really brave for sharing. I first posted my story a few days ago and was really scared that people were going to respond negatively, especially where most people are trying to lose weight. But, surprisingly, people were really accepting and understanding, which made me feel really good and supported.
If you ever want to chat with someone who probably has some similar experiences as you, I'm here. We could exchange emails if you wanted. I really only have one friend who has ever struggled with an eating disorder and whenever we get together it's really nice because we understand each other and know that no judgements will be passed. It's nice having someone who gets you.
Anyway, best of luck!

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