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Nadine, no harm in back to back posts, glad you are using this resource. I had the same reaction to Zumba, moving was fun, but I couldn’t do the choreography without very slow careful breaking it down, and that’s not the cardio experience I go to the gym for!
Getting out and moving for 10, 20, 30 minutes, any of those is great – I find the hardest exercise for me is the movement where you put your feet on the floor and elevate your body off the bed. Sorry you had a headache, none of us can diagnose, but getting a little fuel in the tank before working out helps me.

Today I did the “video game bike” for 25 minute – one very hard ride (“Moody Ambush”, 5.something miles up a hill and down it), most of the way I led my “ghost” (who shows where the person I am competing with hit each of those spots) – however, when the hills got fierce, he got ahead, and beat me by about 10 seconds. Then I did “Dragon Chase” – very silly, you pick up coins and kill dragons on your bike – I lost 1000 points for riding into the water – who knew bikes weren’t waterproof!

This was followed by a killer boot camp class, squat jumps, and lunges, and
sprinting and lifting, oh my!

Have fun, be strong!

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