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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
How much skill do you have manipulating those ratios? I find it very hard to get 20% fat, even healthy fat! Do you have a plan to follow that guarantees those ratios? What does your macronutrient pie chart look like on fitday these days, without changing your diet?
Hi Kathy!

My average pie chart for this week is 35% fat and 30% carbs and 35% protein. Sometimes it is more fat and less carbs. I am not a big fan of meat so I sneak in some protein powder into my oatmeal in the morning

Why do you want to keep your fat intake at 20%? This has to be hard if you (like me) are talking about the calorie-ratio and are on a low(er) calorie diet. I don't think I am eating lots of fat. I use oil for cooking and sometimes eat avocado and fairly often eat cheese (but i.e. cottage and sour milk cheese are low in fat). And I pour some oil over salads, of course.
I think these 30-40% fat are fine (as long as they are not all saturated fat).

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