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Originally Posted by farahb7 View Post
Hello All,

I'm new here too, i've been reading your posts and trying the tips.
a question, my weight flacuates so much and so often, i was 150.0 lb on Monday, 151 on Tuseday and 152.4 today. i have been trying to stic to my calorie count and actually been taking in less calories than i am allowed and still gain the weight. it's really too hard for me to understand. does anyone have any explanations to help me here? Thank You,
Instead of lowering your calories (the danger is that your metabolism slows down making weight loss even harder) try going over your Fitday food journal to see what caused the weight gain. For me it's starchy foods, especially grains. I can eat the same amount of calories but if I eat starchy foods I'll stall, if I eat grains I gain weight. Also salt can cause a temporary water weight gain in some people. Oh, also I found that red meat causes me to stall as well. I've heard that dairy can be a culprit for some people. If you have any food allergies or sensitivities it can cause the weight gain usually b/c you're retaining fluids related to inflammation.
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