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Originally Posted by mmbrown74 View Post
Do they have mini cakes? I have found that if I have a craving and it doesn't go away, I tend to obsess about it. And then I end up going overboard. So I decide to let myself have a mini size or get one and cut into 4 pieces and share with others. It allows me to curb my craving so I don't feel deprived (life style change vs. dieting) and I get to socialize, which helps with my endorphins because it makes me happy.

Good luck.
Many cakes? Oh yeah, Ive had MANY cakes. Oh..."mini" cakes.
Actually they do, and thats a great idea, but right now I'm trying to stay completely out because this shop is like a delicious buttercreme mousetrap to me. I'm doing pretty good, and maybe someday I can go back in without feeling the need to buy 1/2 dozen cupcakes at a time.

Thanks for the response!
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