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Ladies, I can't believe that I've had so much going on that I forgot about your "girls" yesterday! So... who's next? I'm counting on one of y'all this week to either do, or schedule your ma'am oh!

This year I won't be doing the walk for the cure, so I won't be hounding y'all for money. Last year, with y'all's help, we raised over $1000!!! Next year will be the year that we raise over $3k, I shave my legs and wear a pink tennis skirt, on YouTube for the whole world to see. Feel free to donate to someone else this year but be prepared to save up some of those greenbacks for me next year!

Everyone of you that read this need to do a self breast exam today. If you aren't sure how to do it, google it! Get it done. Early detection is key! Breast cancer may not only take away your girl(s), but it may take your life!

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